As your business grows so do the demands on your time. It’s hard to stay on top of everything and even if you can it’s often at the expense of your personal or family time.


Having a trusted adviser working with you to take care of the financial aspects of your business can reduce this burden and give you peace of mind while you concentrate on what you do best.


Halifax Advisory can help you via the following services:


  • Accounting Data Review - If you want to make good financial decisions you need to ensure you start with quality financial information. We’ll review your processes and data to give you confidence that you have everything you need at your fingertips.

  • Cash flow management - There’s an old saying that “Cash is king”. Profit is a great indicator that you’re doing something right but it’s cash in the bank that pays the bills. Planning will reduce the chance of nasty surprises and give you peace of mind that you’re meeting all your obligations on time and that there’s enough left over for you and your family.

  • Benchmarking - Find out how your business compares to others in your industry and identify those areas where you could be doing better.

  • Business planning - When did you dust off the last business plan you prepared? Is it still relevant to where your business is at today? We can help you bring it up to date and work with you to develop and implement the strategies you need to make it a reality.

  • Re-structuring - As your business grows you may find that the simple sole trader or partnership structure you started with is no longer the best option. Changing to a company or trust can be a complex process with a range of  issues to consider.

  • Profit Improvement - As your revenue grows it can sometimes come at the expense of shrinking profit margins. A detailed review of your costs may uncover inefficiencies in your business and help to restore, or even improve, your bottom line.

  • Acquisitions Due diligence - Buying a complementary business is a common way to grow but you need to make sure it stacks up. We can undertake a detailed review of any transaction to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

  • Independent “Board of Advice” - Once you have everything running smoothly it’s important to stay focussed on the plan. We can provide accountability via periodic meetings and comprehensive reports to ensure you stay on track and have someone to be a sounding board for your ideas.


While our focus is the financial aspects of business, we can put you in touch with a range of experts from our trusted network to help with things such as bookkeeping, legal agreements, insurance, websites, human resources and pretty much anything else you will need to help make your business a success.